Alaska Entrepreneurship Week

October 7-11, 2024, Alaska

We are prepping the annual Alaska Entrepreneurship Week,
an exhilarating enterprise showcase
in one of the world’s most inspiring, beautiful, challenging settings.


Self-motivated person striving to fulfill their potential.

Why an Alaska Entrepreneurship Week?

To Connect all of Alaska’s Entrepreneurial Dots

To Showcase Alaskan Businesses' Potential

To Fill the Entrepreneurs' Opportunity Yearly Cycle

What is Alaska Entrepreneurship Week?

THE Week is a week put together by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

It is a long structured set of events organized by entrepreneurs, supporting organizations, non-profits, legislators, investors, and all the “dots” that form the entrepreneurial fabric of the state.



To review, ignite, and propel entrepreneurial efforts in Alaska within a single week


To annually jumpstart the improvement of Alaska’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by bringing together innovators, small business owners, investors, and support organizations to showcase their achievements, explore opportunities, and foster collaboration.
Through Alaska Entrepreneurship Week, we envision a platform where stakeholders interact, discover, and build lasting connections, driving sustained economic growth and making Alaska a beacon of entrepreneurial success.


With these in mind,  THE Week  is designed to:


Bringing together the diverse tapestry of Alaska’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, this event links startups, small businesses, support organizations, legislators, and investors with the resources and networks they need to thrive


The week features a series of events, including pitch sessions, workshops, and keynote speeches from industry leaders, to highlight Alaskan businesses’ unique business opportunities and innovative spirit.


By sharing success stories and providing practical resources, we aim to fuel the ambition of current and aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their business dreams.


With interactive sessions and collaborative forums, participants gain practical insights and forge meaningful connections that last beyond the event.

How are the events organized?

Each day of the week is themed according to the basic five stages of a company, and the majority of the events that day will be related to such subject.



Within each day, longer events will take place in mornings and afternoons. During lunch hours we’ll have events shorter than one hour to allow folks working 9-5 to use their lunch time to attend.

To help with commutes, we’ll try to group events in the same locations when possible, as well as encourage organizers to add online capabilities.


An updated calendar can be found here .

Who should attend?

Whether you are an established business owner, a budding entrepreneur, or an investor interested in the vast potential of Alaska’s markets, Entrepreneurship Week offers valuable insights and opportunities for everyone in the business community.

What to Expect?

Answers to who is who, and does what?

Alaska is huge, and so is the number of organizations and services they have available for you, entrepreneur. THE Week will help you who offers what you need, when you need it, and according to stage of your small business.

A representation of the organizations and services available, and when to access them

These organizations will work together to show how the complement each other, and help entrepreneurs go from one to another as the year passes and your company grows.

Networking Opportunities

Engage with thought leaders, industry pioneers, and fellow entrepreneurs in a series of networking events designed to spark collaboration and inspire new business ideas.

Innovative Showcases

Discover cutting-edge products and services that new and stablished local small businesses have to display and offer.

Educational Materials

Financial statements, business plans or pitch deck templates, pdf editing software, etc.  entrepreneurs need a seeming less list of tools to assist and support their business. We have organizations and mentors in the state that have them available, for free (or incredibly cheap).

Investors’ and Organizations’ Pitches or Panel Interviews

With interactive sessions and collaborative forums, participants gain practical insights and forge meaningful connections that last beyond the event.

Classes & Workshops

Learn from experts through workshops and seminars that cover crucial topics such as how to file your business license, venture funding, digital marketing, sustainable business practices, and other subjects entrepreneurs request when submitting the survey.

Your entrepreneurial “Whish List” completed-ish

Long story short: at the end of the week, you will know what you need, where to find it, and when to access it. 

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Pricing &  Registration

Even some specific events may have a cost, here are the prices for the passes: 

aren’t these prices great? 

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